Nipper Danes

Nipper Danes

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                                                    My Pick Of Litter puppy from Thor - Spring 2016

                                                    Thor & Tally's Harlequin pups - Christmas 2016

                    "Amber"  Merle  2014

                             "Thor"  Harlequin  2014

                                                                  Thor & Grace's Pups - January 2017

Odinn and Saphira, Harlequin and Lilacquin Pups raised here at Parks Creek Farm!

Tally, pictured to the left here with one of our Corgi pups, was one of our 100% European females. Sadly, we lost her in 2017 and she is very missed by us! 

                                   Lilacquins, a Chocolate, a Lilac and a Lilac Merle - Summer 2017! 

                    "Chance" Lilac Merle  4-2019

                              "Grace"  Blue 2016

                        My 2 Picks from a breeding! 50% Euro pups - Thor's Grandsons! Spring 2018

                        "Beau"  Harlequin  2017

                       "Mocha"  Lilac Merle  2017

                                                                    Loki and Banache' Pups, Spring 2018

                                                               Grace and Merlin pups, Summer 2018

                         "Willow"  Mantle  2017

                          "Tally"  Mantle  2015

                                                              Chance and Raven Pups, Summer 2018

My daughter Katie was 2 years old in the first picture with our Blue male "Cisco", this was 1997!  And in the second picture she was 4 with our Merlequin male "Bear", this was 1999. Seems like I have ALWAYS had a Great Dane around. Our family would be lost without them.