Nipper Danes

Nipper Danes

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Available Puppies.......

 If you have questions, Please CALL me about the puppies! Stephanie 904-536-2991 Calling is the BEST way to reach me! I do not offer a waiting list! If you text or Email, I will STILL ask you to CALL me!!  

puppies that say available underneath of their picture, are still AVAILABLE! Unlike other websites, I keep this website updated REGULARLY!! 


Merlin and Saphira had babies April 17th, 2020 They have a GORGEOUS litter of babies right now! I don't know when these pups will be available for deposits at this time. An unexpected set back has occured and the babies will not be ready as we previously thought.  If you have any questions, please call Stephanie 904-536-2991 

                                        "Merlin"                                                                                        "Saphira"


Loki and Porsha had babies on December 3rd,2019 She has 2 Harlequins and 4 solid black pups. I will start taking deposits on these pups on January 10th 2020. These pups will go home January 25th 2020. If you have any questions, Please CALL me, it is the BEST way to reach me! Stephanie 904-536-2991   

               "Loki"  Nipper's Count Chockula                                      "Porsha"  Nipper's Fatal Attraction

                                                       Black Female is SOLD!!  Thank you Nick and Family! 

                                                                   Black Female is SOLD!! 

                                               Black Female is SOLD!!  Thank you Jennifer and Family!

                                             Harlequin female is  SOLD!!  Thank you AVA and Family!!  


                                          This Merlequin Female is SOLD!!  Thank you Tanya and Family!!

                                               This Male Blue Merle is SOLD!! Thank you Diaz Family!!


Chance and Raven had pups  2018. (Will be ready to go home the weekend before Christmas!) Chance is our Lilac Merle male and Raven is 50% European Black.  The parents are AKC but these pups will not have papers, I prefer that they go to pet homes. PLEASE CALL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. Stephanie 904-536-2991

           "Chance"  Nipper's Chance - bbdd                                     "Raven"  Nipper's Hidden Agenda - BbDd

                                              Choclequin female pup is  SOLD!!  Thank you Wendy & Peter! 

                                 Chocolate Male is SOLD!  Thank you Susanna and Family!!

                                               Lilac Male is SOLD!! Thank you Michael and Tiffany! 

This blue male is NOT FOR SALE! He will be staying here at Parks Creek Farm to join our breeding program! "Steel" or Nipper's Frosty Blueprint- DNA- Bbdd